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10 things everyone should know about nutrition!

The best and easiest “Diet plan” is the one you can sustain for the longest period of time. To achieve this, you need to adjust your lifestyle. 

1. Red meat does not rot in your digestive tract.

2. Sleep matters more than we think when it comes to how it affects our eating.

3. Animal foods are often more nutrient dense than plant foods.

4. Fat does not make you fat (context matters).

5. Carbs do not make you fat (context matters).

6. Most studies reported by the media about nutrition are observational and cannot prove cause and effect, though that’s how most interpret it.

7. Traditional cultures all around the world ate food that came from the land (plants and animals with varying macros) and they were healthier than current cultures that have access to Ben n Jerry’s, let alone 30 different flavors of Ben n Jerry’s… perhaps it’s not animals, plants, or the macros, but the over-abundant access to heavily processed hyper-palatable “food stuffs”.

8. Eat the yolks, and the butter, and the red meat, and any other food you can find in nature that has not been found to be acutely poisonous see #9 before thinking potatoes are bad for everyone….

9. Tailor your diet to your physiology, goals, and likes/dislikes. Find an eating pattern that you can enjoy long-term.

10. Calories matter. Don’t eat more calories per day, than you burn! The overconsumption of calories will lead to weight gain over time.

The best and easiest “Diet plan” is the one you can sustain for the longest period of time(adjusting your lifestyle). 

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