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Exercises For Fat Loss

Just sitting here thinking of what the industry leads us to believe and to be honest I wish it were true!

Everywhere you look nowadays there’s “fat loss this & melt fat that”, “Detox this & loose weight that”. It’s all over social media lately we find it hard to avoid it. 

If I was to generalise and give you some advice I would say when in the gym get as much of your body moving as possible. 

Obviously, you cannot spot reduce weight in certain areas of the body, the weight on our body comes off at different rates/speeds and it differs from person to person.

From a personal training standpoint, the main exercises I wouldn’t leave out of a routine are squats, bench, deadlifts as these are the foundation movements for improving your body overall.

I’m writing this article just after having my client Laura who has been an amazing client to have and this week dropped another 2.5lbs bringing her total to 18lbs since the first week in October which is a crazy achievement. 

My main focus with my clients is to try to teach them about food/nutrition, how to balance their lives and to be able to hopefully have healthy sustained weight loss and also longevity to their health and fitness, rather than looking at it as a quick fix.

You always hear the phrase “it’s 80%diet and 20% gym”

No, It takes a consistent effort to both to achieve your desired physique, health and fitness levels.

To summarise there are no real “Fat loss exercises” to be honest as their all fat loss exercises. 

No matter what you do in the gym you are trying to change your “body composition” (lean muscle: body fat ratio) and whatever you do in the gym is going to help that.

But Aaron, where do I start?

  • Energy Balance (Calories in VS Calories out) determines your Body Composition by affecting your muscle to fat ratio and in turn your overall Body fat level. In basic terms over time if you overeat you’ll gain fat, if you’re in a calorie deficit you’ll lose fat.
  • Your calorie balance & macronutrients consumed daily that controls how your body responds and whether fat is burned or stored.
  • It is also this balance, which helps your body maintain and build new lean muscle tissue and/or breakdown body fat.
  • The correct balance drives your body to Burn Fat and Improve Muscular Definition or tone!

Lastly, If I was in the position of someone who needed help in this area(which I have been before) I would seek the advice of a professional(which I’ve done before). 

Hire a coach, a mentor, a trainer.

They will give you the right information, find out what your needs and goals are and tailor a plan to suit exactly what you want to achieve. A personal trainer should be your support for when times are tough. In my view a personal trainer isn’t just for the hour you train with him/her, they should be a crucial part of your success in and out of the gym!

You wouldn’t have a crack at fixing the electrics in your house yourself, would you? you’d hire an electrician right?. 

So why think that you can fix your body yourself?

Then you try, fail, and wonder why it hasn’t/doesn’t work!

So why not give yourself the best chance of success?

If you enjoyed my blog post please feel free to leave a comment or if you have any blog post suggestions don’t be afraid to comment and let me know…. 


One thought on “Exercises For Fat Loss

  1. Great read Aaron!

    Just to clear up, to put add lean muscle you still need to remain in a calorie deficit, put control your macro’s better?

    Also, when going on a ‘bulk’ as people commonly refer to it, should you be in a calorie surplus? And if so, will that result in putting on muscle on fat?

    Which would you recommend for a faster rate of muscle growth?


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