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Summer bodies are made in the winter!

Summer body survives the winter.

1: Lemon water as soon as you get up – 
I think everybody should start their day with some lemon and hot water because there are some incredible benefits to doing this such as : Aids in Weight Loss(Eh yes please!), Hydrates Your Lymph System, Promotes Healing(muscle soreness), Energizes You and Enhances Your Mood, Cleanses Your System / is a Diuretic(antioxidant properties). So try it for 7-14 days without fail and see if you feel a difference!! 
2: Stay hydrated –  
The majority of the time we feel we’re hungry is due to the fact our body is actually dehydrated. The signal from the brain (the hypothalamus) to the body of hunger and hydration are pretty much in the same. You must learn to understand your body better. Pay close attention to the last time you had a meal compared with the last time you had something to drink. A 3% drop in hydration can result in up to 70% increase fatigue which is huge! Your brain is composed primarily of water so for more focus and concentration get your h20 in. Last but not least it aids in weight loss. Water actually serves several purposes in a diet plan. Along with the benefits to your digestive system and metabolism it also causes you to feel more satisfied. When you are full you will not eat as much as you normally would allowing you to stick to the diet plan you have in place.
3. Consume protein with every meal – 
High-protein diets are known for their fat-reducing benefits. One reason they work is that eating a lot of protein reduces hunger. Protein is filling and when people eat more of it they are more quickly satisfied and eat fewer calories. A high-quality protein intake of at least 20g-30g of protein at every meal is associated with less belly fat in a variety of studies. e.g.: 100g of any lean meat cooked = 20-30g protein.
4. Never go hungry – 
Something that I always try to do and insist on my clients doing is to make sure I/they eat before I leave the house. It’s something I often hear from personal training clients “Awh I had no other option so I just had that”. Your best option is to not let yourself get hungry in the first place, anticipate that you may be out for a while so either eat before you leave, take some food with you or make sure that you make the best choice if/when you go hungry and you opt for the cleanest source of foods rather than the easy option or quick fix. When we’re hungry we’re liable to make the wrong choices. 
5. Be aware of whats going into your body – 
Try to be away of the so called “Healthy options” available in shops/supermarkets etc. A lot of the time we don’t pay attention to the calorie content of certain foods or because it says “low fat” it must be good for you, not always the case! Be more aware of what’s in these food items and read the back of the label when you’re unsure.

Keep an eye out for kcal per portion, sugar content, carbohydrate content when reading labels. One thing I find useful is an app called myfitnesspal. Just keep an eye on what calories are going in and also it makes me more aware of what foods i’m eating so i’ll be more successful with my food plan. In this small 100g bag of “Healthy Option” crisps comes in @520kcals.

“Demand more from yourself than anyone else could ever expect.” 
Anthony Robbins 

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