Client Testimonials

Don’t just take my word on the results you can achieve, here’s what some of my clients had to say about my programs:

Client Testimonials

Iv been a gym goer for a while but never saw any results. I always kept my calories very low thinking that would work. Aaron made me realise with an adjustment in my workouts and upping my calories I could build muscle and become leaner! I’ve never eaten as much and am seeing results, which confused me a lot at the start but the process works! Aaron is really approachable and friendly and is full of info on any aspect of training whenever you need it!Highly recommend him for some motivation and expert advice! Jane Dromgoole

Before I started going to Aaron I’ve tried & failed many diets. Very low calorie, no carb diets, you name it and would always revert back to binge eating and my weight would fluctuate. Since I’ve started going to Aaron he’s changed my mindset for the better! I now feel more confident in myself and I’m happy with how I have progressed over the 12 weeks with Aaron’s help. Robert Treanor

I really can’t thank Aaron enough. Not only have I changed my physical appearance but something you can’t see and that’s my mindset! With his help and constant guidance, I’ve been able to ditch binge eating and focus on myself. I really can’t thank him enough & I can’t wait to keep progressing!! Taghd Doran

I started my weight loss journey in march 2014 after I had my 2nd baby and although the weight was coming off I always felt there was something lacking. I started following Aaron on Instagram and instantly found his uploads effective he was so honest with all his posts and his journey and showed the human side to all this fitness and training element and I instantly could relate… I attended a talk he did in @dkit_sport and then started his open workout classes which developed into such an interest for me I decided I wanted to do his online coaching and I started straight after Xmas.. as I said it’s been a 3yr journey for me so far but the last 12 weeks have been by far the most beneficial and effective.. Aaron is so encouraging and super knowledgeable always on hand any time of the day to assist you. His plans are all unique and not a one size fits all which is why he is so successful.. the big thing for me working with Aaron is not only does he help you get results but he equips you with the knowledge and tools to better yourself mentally also and that was the winning ticket for me… I could go on and on but his results speak for themselves and I can’t wait to continue working with him and see what else I can do in terms of personal physical and mental progress.. he is the full package and is a legend in my book highly recommended for anyone looking for online coaching with the biggest personal touch. Carmel Smith Reid

Aaron is a passionate and driven trainer who not only brings a huge amount of knowledge and insight to his programs but also a constant stream of support, advice, and encouragement. I came to Aaron with an injury that impacted my shoulder mobility and left me hesitant and de-motivated to train. He listened to what I wanted, what I could and couldn’t do and got me back into the swing of things. I’ve spent a good few weeks with Aaron and one thing, amongst the many great things I could say, is that Aaron puts the bodies mechanics above all else! Effective warm ups, mobility work, and sets that ensure that while achieving the physical look you want, you also maintain a healthy and happy body. His approach to his clients is welcoming, friendly and supportive. He knows how the body works and gets to know you personally and with those two things he helps you to achieve exactly what you want, no template programs here, whenever I wanted to switch things up he was on it straight away! If you’re looking for a trainer who caters to your needs whether it be an injury or any other issue, who will create exciting and challenging workouts and absolutely helps you reach your goals. Aaron is your man! Amy Doyle

“12 weeks ago I knew I needed to change my approach. Mentally and physically I had hit a wall. I had followed Aaron for years and decided to finally bite the bullet and message him. I haven’t looked back since. It’s been an amazing 12 weeks and the changes you see are only the tip of the iceberg. The mental transformation has been far more significant!!! Best decision I’ve ever made. This guy makes himself available 24/7 so you feel constantly supported and that is crucial! The last 12 weeks have been about so much more than just weight loss. Mindset, lifestyle, and health are the focus, the rest are added benefits! I’m eating more now than ever and obsessing far less! Cannot recommend this guy enough” Laura Monaghan

I came to Aaron in October looking for a program. I struggle so much to gain muscle, especially on my legs and glutes. Aaron tailored me a plan to fit my specific needs. I am delighted with my results after just 12 weeks I have gone from 57kg to nearly 61kg and have added more shape & muscle all over my body. The app he uses for his clients made life so easy. It records the weights and reps you use every session which motivates you to try harder every time. It also was an easy point of contact to Aaron day or night and he is always quick to respond with any advice you may need. I am now on my first day of my cutting program and can not wait to start seeing the results. I trust Aaron’s expert advice and would recommend him to anyone no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in the gym. Olivia Galvin

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks! Even though a ‘thanks’ doesn’t cover how grateful I am to you for the time you spent with plans, texts etc. But for now it’s all I can do, hopefully, one day I’ll be able to shake your hand or even a fist bump?! The last few months my training has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Working with you has been fantastic, and got me back on the straight and narrow. Not only have you helped me get results but you thought me a different way of approaching my training and introduced me to some great content. You’ve thought me to be a better PT and you’ve motivated me to want to help other people with regard to their lifestyle and most importantly themselves and not just lose weight or get lean at all costs. My motivation is back and I’m going to keep my head in the game, hit the gym, build my business and work my ass off & focus on keeping lean!! Gary Roberts

I followed Aaron on social media for a couple of months before deciding I wanted to sign up for an online training program with him, I really liked his no nonsense approach but also his friendly attitude. Aaron from the start was always available, very approachable and gave me all the support I needed. He really helped me get into a great mind set and think differently about my training and nutrition and helped me keep consistency. The best thing about working with Aaron is his friendly approach, instantly making you feel comfortable reaching out to him when ever needed and his excellent knowledge and tips on training and nutrition. I’m really happy with the results I’ve had losing cms across my waist and hips specifically and making me feel healthy and confident, I can’t thank him or recommend working with him enough!

Olivia Nelson Associate Director, Contracts & Proposals Global Business Operations – Partnership Team Customer Solutions Management Group

When I first contacted Aaron, I was aiming to find away create a balanced lifestyle, as I felt begin to restrict my nutrition. From the outset, Aaron created an approach that allowed me to have flexibility but control at the same time.Throughout my online work with Aaron, it is clear that he is a very client focused trainer mixed that with his positivity, motivation, and knowledge you have a recipe for success if you are willing to follow his guidance and plan.I have learned a lot in regarding nutrition and training with Aaron and how small changes gradually change the bigger picture.So thanks again Aaron, I am confident now to push forward with new ideas and knowledge in training and nutrition. Julie White

What to say, I just can’t recommend Aaron enough.
He is very knowledgeable, dedicated and he’s always there for everything you need.
We did the 12 weeks online program and everything was very enjoyable and simple to follow. The workout plan was challenging and the nutrition plan was spot on. Consistence was key during the program and that resulted in amazing changes.
Thanks to Aaron and all his patience to answer my never ending questions I can say that I learned loads. About nutrition, workouts and most importantly how my body reacts to the different stimulus regarding macros/calories and training.
We will definitely be working together again and if you need any guidance no matter what your goals are Aaron is your man! João Gonçalves

Worked with Aaron for about 10 or 12 weeks now. A true gent in every sense of the word. Definitely, gives everything he has to his clients. The one on one sessions were just that – focussed and structured. Very knowledgable. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Jamie Woolhead Buyer at Mercury Engineering
aaeaaqaaaaaaaaazaaaajdu4zjhimmexltu4yzetngyxny04ztcxlti1y2u1zdazy2e1mg Aaron is an excellent personal trainer who really cares about his clients. His ability to adapt training to suit individual client needs and goals (and accommodate injuries) is superb. He also is a fountain of knowledge on nutrition and has loads of ideas and recipes to share to help meet all goals. He is a great motivator and also understands the demands of the real world and real life also.
Gillian Barry Manager at DCU

Aaron really is the most dedicated and passionate personal trainer around. He is so caring and really takes a personal interest in helping you achieve your desired results. Aaron has provided me with a complete education in fitness and nutrition giving me the tools to live a much happier and healthy lifestyle. No matter what the question or query Aaron is always so readily available to answer and help at any time. I am now confident in my knowledge of what I need to do to be both healthy and happy. The results I have achieved with Aaron are amazing and my whole outlook on health and fitness has changed making me much more in control of my overall lifestyle! I cannot recommend him enough and he gives you 100% throughout your whole program!because of Aaron I now have a much healthier approach to life and truly am a much happier healthy person.

Sarah Smyth Trainer


Aaron put me on the right road to serious and gradual weight loss over a 6 month period. More importantly, the methodology and motivation that he imparted on me to achieve the weight loss were absolutely superb. He made my 27 Kg weight loss achievable and sustainable through an exercise and a bespoke diet plan that was tailored to fit my busy lifestyle. He is an excellent personal trainer and I would highly recommend him! Noel McStay REW – Commercial Director 35b4ab1 I completed Aaron’s 8 weeks online training course. Aaron’s approach is sensible, easy to follow and applicable in the real world, it is easy to fit into your life by making small changes. His workouts are tough and they changed half way through to keep you on your toes! The most impressive thing about the course is Aaron’s dedication to his clients, he is in constant contact, checking in and cheering you on. He is very motivational, especially on the days you need it. I would highly recommend Aaron!
Marie Keehan Integration Project Accountant

I was always overcomplicating training and nutrition and making it much more difficult than it ought to be. Aaron kept it simple and only made small changes to my diet and training and the difference it made was massive.

Over a 10 week period, everything remained constant and the body fat came of gradually each week. The training sessions were intense but very enjoyable and it opened up my eyes to the different training methods out there.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to improve their training or nutrition. – John Buckley


A picture paints a thousand feelings! I could talk all day about the difference between these two pictures! I trained with Aaron for 12 weeks (with some break periods in between). The process has taught me that steady, slow progress is most definitely the best kind. Even 1lb a week weight losses add up so fast, and even though the pic on the right could still be someone else’s before pic, it’s my “I’ve come a really long way” pic. The best thing about training with Aaron is that it fits in with REAL life. I’ve had breaks, holidays, treats, meltdowns, and I haven’t felt guilty about any of them. I appreciate that some people might want progress faster, but I want it for longer – so this method works for me! As for how I’m feeling now (other than a little morto about having this picture on the Internet!!!)…..the answer is, better on every level ! I’ve more energy, I’m more motivated and definitely more confident (in work and at home), my skin is better, my clothes are looser, I’m more positive and I’m smiling more! That’s a fairly good list?! In fact, the only downside is to my wallet which has been hit negatively by my previously unheard of desire to buy new clothes!!!! If you need someone to really help you get focused, or even help you start from scratch (if I can do it, you can!) Aaron is your man! Absolutely no judgment, solid advice, a calming influence, and just a genuinely nice guy to hang out with too!” – Trina Gray

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-09-24-29“So glad I started this journey with you, a few roadblocks came up over the process but thank you for getting me to my destination” – Anne Hanlon 10-week results: Weight: -8.6kg(18.9lbs) Waistline: -4 Inches Hips/Glutes: -2 Inches Arms: -1.5 Inches Thighs: -2 Inches


The far left picture was my first month of training with Aaron, the right picture was almost 6 months later. I used to struggle to squat with just my body weight alone and now look where I am. Little lifestyle changes each day made such a difference over the last few months. Comparing both pictures I can confidently say that I have dropped a serious amount of weight, weighing in at whopping 94kg in December and 6 months later I weighed in at just 74kg, it’s still not where I want to be but holy sh*t I’m never going back to that person who struggled to even walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath! It’s scary to think how worse the state of my body would have been at this very moment if I hadn’t of starting training with Aaron. I finally fit into a size 10 which hasn’t happened in three and a half years. For someone who used to cry their heart out in dressing rooms as nothing fitted me and I kept having to get a bigger size, I am so happy that I made the decision to get into fitness because I still would have had that struggle! Onwards&upwards – Rachel Sythes

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-09-50-05 “Photoshoot prep and a drop of almost 5kg. Super happy with the condition I brought. 88kg on the left vs 83.5 on right &  a change in the color of my skin.LOL. Big thanks to my man Aaron for his nutritional guidance for my shoot! – Dr. Ciarán Ó Catháin img_15841

Aaron is an Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge.He is an expert in weight training, boxing; and has a warm, spontaneous personality that makes workouts fun but tough and very rewarding. He is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn.He’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.Our time working together has helped me both mentally and physically achieve my Goals. Thank You…  Paul Kelly – Great Irish Bake Off

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-10-03-30 “When I first started with Aaron I had no idea how to look after myself. I was under-eating and making bad food choices when I did eat, I was lethargic and just felt drained 24/7. Aaron has helped me understand the importance of nutrition and has helped me see that when I’m taking care of myself, I’m capable of a lot more than I used to give myself credit for. I feel like a different person to when I started, going from having anxiety around exercising or being in a gym, to actually looking forward to going and missing it when I don’t. Despite all my complaining and all of my dramatics in training, I have always been able to have a great laugh with Aaron and always look forward to the next session. I’ve had ups and downs since starting with him, and haven’t always stayed consistent with my eating/ training, but with his support and help, I’ve been able to keep moving forward instead of giving up. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time right now, and I know that that wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for Aaron’s help. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone and am so happy that I decided to push myself to get in touch with him. – Sophie Hughes

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-10-13-44 I remember being tagged in the photo on the left and crying my eyes out at how much I’d let myself go. I felt for a while that I wasn’t getting anywhere with fitness and I wasn’t seeing any real changes but pictures like this just put it in perspective. Of course, it’s all down to Aaron so many weeks of ups and downs but he’s always able to get my mind in the right place and get me motivated again, he knows how it feels and there’s no judgment whatsoever. After months of feeling shit about myself, I decided to do something about it and was my best decision yet. If you’ve fallen off the wagon or want to get on it for the first time Aaron is the person to call couldn’t have done it without him and his constant motivation! Still, have a long way to go but absolutely delighted with how far I’ve come so far, best trainer award to you buddy. – Nicola Maye